podcamp NYC already on the calendar for ’08

I recently received an email asking me to hold the dates February 29 and March 1 open for the second annual podcamp NYC. I happened to be visiting a friend in the city last Spring an was able to attend the first conference which I blogged about. NYC is undoubtedly a center of creativity and ingenuity so you can only imagine the dynamics of this mass collaboration. While podcamp NYC is primarily geared toward business interests and monitization, it also has an educational element. Sometimes educators don’t think big enough when it comes to putting together the best possible programs for their schools (me included). Here you will learn about many innovations, new techniques and find great human resources to help you with technical to production related issues. Podcast for Teachers, Techpod was represented and I would imagine they will be back since NYC is in Fordham’s backyard. A crew froom WorldBridges was also there to capture the essence of the unconference. (click the link to view funny informative interviews.)So if you feel like a weekend in the big city make it educational too…save the dates!

One caveat, the last minute venue they chose last year was not ideal. I hope this time they can find a better space; conducive to mingling and hanging out.

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One Response to “podcamp NYC already on the calendar for ’08”

  1. John C. Havens Says:

    Thanks for blogging! Hope you’re able to come whatever our venue and also add your educational focus. Happy Fourth!

    John C. Havens
    Lead Organizer,
    PodCamp NYC

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