Women of Web 2.0 Empowering Teachers

Not long ago, back in the Fall of ’06 four women connected via on-line collaboration and technology conferences formed a group, Women of Web 2.0. Today the have a web presence and are responsible for much of my web 2.0 professional development. Each one brings a special talent to the group. They represent educational technology in many facets across K12 education. With the help of Education Bridges and webcasting, Cheryl Oakes handles the technical side of producing a live streaming weekly talk show. Jen, Sharon and Vicki manage to line up guests, do the background research and all four share in a lively discussion of web 2.0 related topics. They all walk the walk on-line and in their professions. With over 32 consecutive episodes WOW2 has made more than a splash in the educational pond.

I had the pleasure of meeting them in person last Fall at the GaETC just when they were launching WOW2 and then again at NECC07 as an established presence in the educasting community. I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Jen Wagner and I think I have discovered the secret to their success! Jen has a wonderful gift for bringing people together and takes a genuine interest in others. She seems to know everyone personally. I know this sounds like an exaggeration but when you consider that she is a very active edublogger, an on-line project hoster, a former LVS online instructor and produces an on-line edtech newsletter it isn’t really too surprising. Of course the other 3 women are equally awesome in their own ways so synergy is certainly a factor in their success too.

Through Jen I was able to meet many new people. Some are edubloggers and others are just amazing educators. Thank you Jen for showing me that underlying all the connections one makes on line their must be a real heart-felt human connection to make it real. This is truly the biggest benefit to attending a conference. The face-to-face meetings and discussions are priceless. The key is making friends and basing your friendship on a passion for improving education using technology to the students advantage. So, Women of Web 2, my hat is off to you! Keep those episodes coming, I’m counting on you and I’m not alone.

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One Response to “Women of Web 2.0 Empowering Teachers”

  1. Cheryl Oakes Says:

    Thanks so much Kathy! That was the most humbling find of the conference, having people comment that we have impacted their professional lives. I had Nancy Pratt from AZ come up and mention that, and I am going to really not do justice to this name, but Dementri from the Sudan, both say how much they enjoy Women of Web 2.0, and that they both listen all the time. Women of Web 2.0 is more than the 4 of us, it is all our listeners and chat participants that make the show. I had just as much fun, and a wow, when I could put a face with a name that I recognize from the chat room and comments. Keep them coming.
    nice to meet you too, finally!

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