Thank you for Listening and Sharing!

This post is a special thanks to all those who attended my NECC07 Birds of a feather gathering and or stopped by my Poster Session booth. I was thrilled to see so many educators ready and willing to take the plunge into podcasting. I was also very appreciative of the individuals who shared their personal experience with Podcasting in the classroom. I have had numerous requests for resources and I plan to make a link available on over the weekend so please check it next week.

Remember, if you are just getting started you owe it to yourself to listen and learn from the podcasts already available on the web through itunes (or any other podcatcher). Take the time to do a critical listening evaluation. Make notes about the things you would like to use in your own podcast. If your goal is to provide podcasting as a platform for student projects then you’ll need to bring them into the podcast evaluation process so they can learn what to look for and which things they would like to emulate.

One question that kept coming up repeatedly was what kinds of projects can be made into podcasts. I’d like you to think about that, as I did on my drive home. At first I thought, why not come up with a list of 20 projects or so. Then I began to list them in my head and I kept returning to the same conclusion… Any project you currently do can be extended as a podcast project. yes, any project.

I challenge you to stump me on this. Tell me about your favorite annual project and I will show you how to incorporate a podcast project! Good luck. I look forward to hearing from each of you about all of your struggles and successes. It’s an exciting but bumpy road but determination is half the battle!


2 Responses to “Thank you for Listening and Sharing!”

  1. Maria Knee Says:

    Thanks for organizing the birds of a feather session, Kathy. Looking forward to connecting with you in the future. See you on line.


  2. Valerie Says:

    I missed the session too pooped to go… But I was looking through all the sessions I didn’t get to go to and spent a good bit to time on your information on podcasting! WOW – you did a great job “holding my hand” through the steps. Thanks.

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