What am I doing here at NECC07?

Yesterday I attended the later half of the EduBloggerCon at NECC. I participated in a discussion lead by Chris Lehman about things that need to change in education. There were so many things on the list I wondered as did many others if it might not be better to just start with a clean slate as Chris did when he started the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia. He is the High School principal of this magnet school. One of the things that always seems to be on any list having to do with education, was time. Chris explained that his teachers have a half day each week to dedicate to planning because the students all head the the Franklin Institute. Wouldn’t it be nice if all schools could form such advantageous relationships with such institutions?

This lead me to wonder how I could involve more community members in my own classroom. What kinds of relationships could I initiate that would help my students feel more connected to the world outside the classroom? Hmmm, this is just one of the many things I will be considering as I wander the vast expanse of the Georgia World Conference Center Monday and Tuesday.

Personally, I do have several agendas. First of all, I want to make connections with teachers and technologists around the country/world so that we can make connections possibly through Skype with our classrooms. I have heard some great ways to use Skype in the classroom. Second, I want to make sure as many attendees as possible know how to listen to podcasts! Finally, from a technical perspective, I hope to discover how I can maximize the use of RSS to benefit my school. I did notice a session about just this topic on Monday and I hope it can answer many of my questions.

So what do you hope to take away from NECC07? This year just about everything under the sun will be made into a podcast so if you are a listener, you won’t be missing much except for the fun of seeing people in person who you have only met on line.

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