Visit me at NECC on Monday or Tuesday

I will be attending NECC this week and look forward to meeting any readers who will be in Atlanta for this big event. Here is my schedule:
Creative Podcasting for the Elementary Set
[Birds-of-a-Feather : ] (41503414)

I invite all those who are interested in using podcasting in the classroom. You may be interested in enabling your students to become podcast producers or perhaps you want to incorporate podcasts as part of a critical listening skill builder. I have had queries from High School teachers and I welcome anyone interested in podcast curriculum integration. I know most about the k5 level but chance are, you will meet up with someone else who understands the needs of your grade level and you can collaborate. The important thing is to build a support network and share ideas to take back to the classroom in the Fall.

* Scheduled:
o Monday, 6/25/2007, 4:45pm–6:15pm
GWCC Innovation & Creativity Lounge

Podcasting, Professional Development, and Curricular Content
[Poster : Traditional] (41504857)

* Scheduled:
o Tuesday, 6/26/2007, 1:00pm–3:00pm
GWCC Level 5, Galleria 37

I have posted a podcast version of my Poster Session presentation to my classroom podcast site: small voices

The actual Session will not contain audio, rather my mp3 will be playing a variety of actual professional development adio podcasts. Each session has a different objective. The Birds-of-a-Feather is geared toward podcasters and would-be podcast producers who would like to compare notes or ask questions. The Poster session is intended to help persuade teachers to spend some of their valuable time listening to professional development podcasts in order to enrich their classroom curriculum using edtech.

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2 Responses to “Visit me at NECC on Monday or Tuesday”

  1. Megan Golding Says:

    I’ll be there at NECC! This is my first year at the conference and I guess I lucked out that it’s in our own backyard.

    Your poster session on Tuesday looks quite interesting. I’ll be swinging by to introduce myself and see what’s going on with podcasting. Good luck with your presentations.

  2. Laura B. Fogle Says:

    I enjoyed your BOF session this afternoon. I am going to be a tech facilitator at an elementary school for the 2007-08 school year. I hope to get at least one class podcasting. You gave some great practical tips!

    I made a note about a free resource for converting files. I wrote it down as “damzar” but didn’t get anything that looked relevant when I Googled it. Can you please include the correct link in your resources and/or email it to me?


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