Anyone can find a gem on this site.

Eric Curts hosts the Ohio Treasure Chest and Educast (audio). This is not simply a list of links. It is annotated, peer reviewed and linked to standards. North Canton City Schools is doing something right here. How can teachers get their school districts to fund this kind of tech support? it combines free professional development with community outreach. The impact of this kind of resource has global potential. Way to go Eric. Please post here and let us all know how you convinced your school system to fund your project!
clipped from
Ohio Teasure Chest

Welcome to the Ohio Treasure
 The Treasure Chest is an online collection of thousands
of websites
which are high-quality, teacher-reviewed,
interactive, and free. Each website is aligned
directly to the Ohio Academic Content Standards in math,
science, language arts, and social
, and ready for use in your classroom

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One Response to “Anyone can find a gem on this site.”

  1. Eric Curts Says:

    Thanks for the post about the Treasure Chest! I would be glad to give some feedback about the project…
    I started the Treasure Chest site about 8 years ago when I first got my job as the Tech Integrationist for North Canton City Schools. I had been an 8th grade math teacher for seven years before moving to this newly-created position. The Treasure Chest was one of my first projects, and it came from some goals I had:
    – I wanted to make a centralized site where the teachers in my district could go for tech resources
    – I wanted the resources to be aligned to standards
    – I wanted the resources to be student-centered and interactive
    – I wanted the teachers to be able to add their own resources as well
    So, from those ideas I created the site. Over the years I added more and more resources. Eventually other school districts began to notice and use the site. Then the use spread across Ohio and started to reach other states.
    The hardest thing for me was finding time to add new resources. I love to do that, but so many other needs would consume my time. So, I decided to start the podcast.
    The idea was to:
    – Learn about podcasting
    – Share the best resources from the site with people in a new way
    – And to keep me accountable to keep adding new resources
    So far it has worked very well. I do the podcast every two weeks, so I have 14 days to locate, evaluate, and catalog a new resource for math, science, social studies, and language arts. It does take many hours though. I spend at least an hour (often more) processing resources for each subject. Then the podcast takes about three hours to write, record, edit, and post. I try to do some of this during my work day, but honestly this is a labor of love, so I usually find myself doing a lot at home in the evenings and weekends.
    My hope is to get more people involved with submitting resources, which is happening more often. That will make this more of a community project, and easier to keep going. The key is to keep priming the pump and working toward that tipping point.
    Also, we are starting a new program next year where we will pay a stipend to teachers in our district to be Tech Integration Lead Teachers. I am looking forward to having these folks contribute to the Treasure Chest and hopefully to join me on the podcast as well.
    Thanks again for mentioning the site, and let me know if I can share anything else.

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