Are you a listener or a producer?

Join my ning and tell me about your favorite Professional Development podcast and or any podcasts you have used in your classroom to enrich the curriculum.

I have been creating podasts for a little over a year now. I started with audio only and my most recent posts have been all video. You might even call them vodcasts. In truth, I prefer the term “educast” for any audio or visual media created by a non profit for the purpose of informing teachers or students, or for the purpose of creating an opportunity for refelction of an authentic student-centered project.

One thing I have discovered is that there are those who produce “educasts” and then there are those who simply listen or watch. As in blogging, the writer and reader are equally important. After all if a person blogs in the forest, if there is no one to read it, did thery actual say anything? Well, you know what I mean! Audience and Performer have a symbiotic relationship. It is this relationship I’d like to explore.

At NECC this summer I will host a Poster Session. The purpose is to introduce people to the possibility of using educasts for professional development and for curricular enrichment in the classroom. It occurred to me that not all people want to become podcasters, just as all people have no desire to climb Kilimanjaro, but there are people would like to read about those who have made the climb and learn from their experiences.

Educasters produce content with an audience in mind. Take EdTech Talk . They have over 70 episodes and numerous examples of what schools are doing with technology to benefit students. This kind of professional development is cutting edge. You can respond to it, interact with the producers and add to it from your own experiences. The trouble is, you may not be familiar with this great resource.

How do people find out about educasts available for professional development or curricular engagement? Come to NECC and visit my Poster Session. I will show you how to find your way around podcatchers, itunes and more. You will leave with a list of some great resources and links to each one of them.

So if you haven’t explored the world of educasting stay tuned, and if you are a veteran listener or podcaster please share your insights via

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