Weebly is Wonderful!

Weebly is Wonderful!
Thanks to Cheryl Oakes…again, I have anew favorite web 2.0 tool. Last night on the Women of Web webcast she mentioned www.weebly.com as her WOW of the week. I have to admit once I clicked the link and signed up, I was hooked. I proceeded to listen to the webcast but didn’t participate in the chat because I was working on my new classroom site. It offers a very user friendly interface and built in blog, flickr, video and more. I think they fully integrated options are what make this service so appealing. If they keep their ads closely aligned with content and very unobtrusive I plan to use their service to host my classroom website. The other alternative is to have a straight blog, free and no ads. We’ll see what happens over the summer once Weebly comes out of it’s BETA mode.

clipped from ripplingpond.weebly.com

Our kindergarten classroom is part of the Georgia 21st Century Model Classroom grant.� A Promethean board is centered in front of the classroom and is used for a wide range of interactive lessons including morning calendar. The 10 Neos by Alphasmart are part of the Language Arts small group rotation.� The keyboards are kid sized and allow the students to learn keyboarding, alphabet, patterns and sentence construction. Riverdeep and some desktop based programs are available for students as well.� Our classroom incorporates lots of speaking and writing which is captured in podcasts and a classroom blog. Parents are encouraged to subscribe to the small voices podcast as well as the classroom website and blog. Ms. Shields, Teacher and Mrs. Foresman, Parapro.




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One Response to “Weebly is Wonderful!”

  1. Cheryl Oakes Says:

    Wow Kathy, you really went to town last night. I just love this too. I made a page and although I am not finished, I plan to keep working on it. I love your page and your descriptions!

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