Larstan and Olive produce a Winner

Larstan Publishing produces Blogger & Podcaster Magazine. Olive Software makes it readable online. This is not your father’s magazine. Click and enter a virtual magazine that has the added benefit of sound and zoom. The color is vivid and the text crisp. It feels glossy and new. I showed it to my graduating high school senior (son) Ryan, to get his reaction. “It’s pretty cool, but it isn’t that new.” he observed. I asked him what would make it even more appealing. “It needs comment areas, rating boards and discussion forums to be linked into it.” Now this is only one 18 year-old’s opinion but I think it does relate to the way his generation expects to participate and interact. They want to become part of the media. It can’t be static. The idea of being an audience seems to have changed. I asked him if he’d subscribe. “Mom, it’s not like you can read it in the bathroom!” he said in all seriousness.See what you think. It’s a brilliant concept in my opinion. It would be great for year books and many other applications.

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��To read Blogger & Podcaster, April 2007 please click on the cover


  • To flip pages click in the upper corners
  • To zoom in click 1x. To zoom out, click again.
  • To print any or all pages click File then Print
  • For help click here
  • To subscribe click here

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