Podcast for Teachers makes my day!

I just noticed a new comment on my small voices podcast and here it is:


at 07:08PM Sunday on May 06, 2007, Kathy King and Podcast for Teachers said:





Hey Ms. Shields!

Live from NY, its Kinderteacher on PFT keycast!!!

Check out episode 86!!! Kathy Shield is featured in there!!!!


Podcast for Teachers
“Kathy and Mark”

big smile

Kathy and Mark do an incredible job compiling news and information for teachers with a focus on technology. I am a regular listener and a big fan. I guarantee you will learn something new if you take the time to listen! I met this dynamic duo of edtech at podcampNYC this April. They are as wonderful in person as they are on the air. What they have taught me is not simply to use technology in the classroom but to look for ways to make it transparent in the curriculum. They are collecting all kinds of replicable examples of teacher successes in the classroom. You may be lucky enough to meet them in person this summer at NECC07.

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