I love it when people take the initiative!

Fellow Creek View teacher Daniel Hodge, 1st grade, has initiated an edublog! I couldn’t be happier. An early adopter, he was the first to produce his own podcast after my Spring training last year. His podcasts are exceptional. They are both creative and standards based. He knows how to bring out scholarship in his students. I can’t take the credit for the quality just the opportunity to open a door to the new medium of podcasting.Daniel is very talented and devoted to education. This blog promises to produce insights into education that may never have been put into words. Daniel’s perspective, philosophy and style show a man who thinks with a “Whole New Mind”. He embodies the principals of reflective teaching. Welcome this new entrant into the edublogosphere!

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Authentic Evaluation

Last week the Superintendent of Schools stopped by for a visit. My principal contacted me by phone about three days before she was due to arrive to let me know that he would like to have her stop by my classroom to observe me teaching. Now, as we all know when company is coming over we make a big-to-do about preparing for their arrival. I am no different, so I spent hours searching through pictures that I have saved on my computer that I could publish. I also made sure that I planed extra well for the lessons that I would teach that day so that everything would run smoothly.

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