Down to Earth and Kid Friendly

GA State Superintendent of Schools paid a visit to Creek View. Kathy Cox exudes warmth and genuine interest in students. As she toured the building she didn’t sit complacently to observe teaching, rather she acted as a catalyst and participant in student learning. She is a former high school teacher but it’s clear that her passion for education still rubs off on all she meets.

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Georgia State School Superintendent Mrs. Kathy Cox visited Creek View Elementary on Monday, April 30. She was introduced by Principal Trussell and student anchors over the Cheetah Channel News. Mrs. Cox made her way around Creek View in the company of her two assistants and our Assistant Principal Mrs. Betty Swanson. This brief clip shows Mrs. Cox in Ms. Shields’ kindergarten, and a 1st and 3rd Grade classroom. The 1st grade teacher is Heidi Holcomb, 21st Century Classroom Coordinator and Mr. Robert Theriault who teaches 3rd grade and is also a 21st Century Classroom educator.

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