It pays to visit Technorati more than I do!

So I was on technorati checking links to my small voices podcast and it led me to an recent post by Daniel Kuropatwa! To say that he is merely a Canadian math teacher would be a supreme understatement. He is a clear and present voice in the educational technology movement, a person I admire and respect from afar. Our common denominator is Women of Web 2 webcasting live from the Education Bridges Network every Tuesday evening at 9 PM EST.

I am proud of my small voices podcast and now I’m very motivated to post a new episode if it can inspire other educators to pursue more edtech. Yesterday, attempted to convert a photostory 3 file to mpeg4 but it was too large to do on-line and I don’t own any conversion software on my laptop. My kinder class did a wonderful job annotating pictures from our field trip to the Chattahoochee Nature Center. They read their journal entries over the images they had selected. Actually, I have some usable footage I shot for a 5th grade teacher I recently collaborated with to create her own classroom podcast. She calls it WBEC-FM and there are 8 episodes! Look for The Making of WBEC-FM to be my latest episode. I may have to redo the Nature Center project using Pinnacle. Just more time. Practice makes perfect!

Lesson learned, stay informed, cover all your bases and never, never go to sleep. After all, there is so much to do to keep up your on-line image! I applaud those who have mastered the art of on-line persona by creating a consistent persona throughout blog, wiki, web page, 2nd life and whatever else is out there.

Thank you Darren for including small voices on your slide show! You made me aware of another notable, Kathy Cassidy. You are both now officially on my blog roll.

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One Response to “It pays to visit Technorati more than I do!”

  1. Darren Kuropatwa Says:

    Hi Kathy,

    I love your Small Voices podcast. I tell everyone who listen to me about it. I wish my own children’s teachers did the sort of stuff you and all the other teachers I mentioned in the workshop do.

    As for the file conversion try this site: one of my students told me about it this week. If that doesn’t work (because the file is too big) try this:

    (1) Upload to Google video or They will convert it to flash format which is much smaller.
    (2) When it goes live download it to your computer using a firefox plugin such as VideoDownloader. That will probably do the trick because you can choose several formats in which to download it. If it doesn’t …
    (3) go back to to convert to any format you like. 😉


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