Kathy Shields doling out t-shirts at podcamp NYC!

Kathy Shields doling out t-shirts

Kathy Shields doling out t-shirts,
originally uploaded by rustytanton.

I always said Rusty was a fabulous photographer so I want to thank him for catching me volunteering at podcamp NYC! Actually if you follow his flickr, you’ll find that he creates masterpieces from shadows, light, texture and perspective with very unlikely architectural subject matter.

During my brief encounter with podcampNYC I volunteered, talked to at least five people who had attended podcampAtL including our accomplished podcampATL organizer and founder of the Georgia Podcast Network, Amber Rhea. She and Rusty held a session and manned the help desk during part of the unconference.

I was very thrilled to meet the several of the podcampNYC organizers. Among the organizers is a person whose name escapes me (If you know him, post his name!)but his company is so hot I can’t stop telling people about it. The company it Clipmarks…”just the best parts of the page”. This is the answer to all my blogging problems. Until I found Clipmarks I was frustrated. I wanted to find a way to select images and text from anywhere at anytime and post them to my blog. I wanted to be able to comment on someone else’s blog and then automatically make it a post in my own blog with a track back. Clipmarks makes this possible. I know I sound like a commercial but I’m hooked. You will be too! Try it.
Kudos to Podcast for Teachers podcasters Dr. Kathy King and Mark Gura from Fordham. I attended two of their concurrent sessions and was convinced after meeting them in person about their integrity and sincerity in the search for podcasting support for teachers. If you are a teacher I implore you to spend a couple hours a month opening your mind to new possibilities in education. Kathy and Mark will get you pumped and keep you reaching for newer, better student based technology extensions to your current curriculum.

Many very innovative companies and podcasters held sessions and set up information booths. I will talk about some of them specifically in a future post. Attend a podcamp and you too will be blown away by the creativity of the podcasting movement.

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2 Responses to “Kathy Shields doling out t-shirts at podcamp NYC!”

  1. Rusty Says:

    It was great seeing you at PodCamp NY, and thanks so much for the kind words about my photos!

  2. Laura Allen Says:

    First, thank you SO much for being a GREAT volunteer!! There was HIGH demand for those button-down shirts and you were excellent and extremely PATIENT as people, (including me!) looked for the shirt size that was perfect for them! I’m gonna cherish my shirt FOREVER, so HAD to get the right size. Thanks again and Eric Skiff is the guy from Clipmarks and I also LOVE his service!
    Laura, one of the podcampnyc organizers

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