Technospud Projects for Classrooms

Jennifer Wagner has been forming and hosting on-line projects for the classroom for years. She has a loyal following of teachers and students but interest in participation is still growing. For most teachers time is the single greatest hurdle when it comes to integrating technology. Ask any teacher if they would like to get their students involved in a global project their only hesitation would be, “How can I squeeze it in to my already packed curriculum?” Jen makes it simple and easy. She is currently the Director of Technology for a private Christian school in California. She has taught on-line courses and maintains a blog, wiki and websites. Where does she find the time? Somehow, she was given an unlimited supply and she is using it to help others. Thanks Jen!

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Technospud Projects is now hosting the
following projects…..

The Great Egg Roll — Please click HERE
for more information
Hands Across the World — Click HERE
for more information

Dear Soldier — Please click HERE
for more information

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One Response to “Technospud Projects for Classrooms”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Grins — would that I was Director of Technology (sounds so cool)……..but in actuality I am Technology Support/Help Desk…………but grins, I think inside I will call myself DOT. Thanks

    As for time — I wonder that myself too!! But it all seems to work out and now that I use PHP Surveyor to collect registrations and results, I don’t have to spend quite as much time with copying and pasting data from emails. (I have horror stories on those!)

    Thanks for pointing out my site and for showing off clipmarks too.

    Talk soon

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