Daniel Yee of AP Covers podcampAtlanta

From the article: Podcasters Trade Tips at Podcamp
Daniel Yee of the Associated Press covered podcampAtlanta and over 40 news outlets picked up his story. Those of use who participated in the event are grateful for the coverage. Podcamps are picking up steam around the country and around the world. Unconferences are funded by sponsors and orchestrated by volunteers like Amber Rhea of the GA Podcast Network and Penny Haynes of 1st Pod. Sessions are scheduled in advance and hosted by volunteers. Session leaders represent both the business and nonprofit sectors of podcasting. Although I represent a nonprofit, I attended several of the business-led sessions and learned many tips, tricks and innovations from the session leaders as well as the active participants who are much more experienced in podcasting.

clipped from www.msnbc.msn.com

By Daniel Yee

Updated: 4:41 p.m. ET March 21, 2007

ATLANTA – Kathy Shields says podcasting is easy — so simple, in fact, that her kindergartners do it.

Shields joined about 200 people over the weekend for “PodCamp,” a conference for anyone interested in broadcasting video or audio programs over the Internet.

Podcasts are typically sound files that can be played on personal computers, TiVo Inc.’s digital recorders and music players such as Apple Inc.’s iPod. Many are regularly scheduled and automatically delivered, and more recently some have incorporated video.

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