Mrs. Who?

There are people in this world who enter our lives for a reason and if you ever connect with my new friend Ms. Durff consider yourself blessed. She is a woman of faith, integrity and an unending sense of wonder. In my life, people like this have typically climbed a scaffold of unfortunate, even tragically unforeseen events and come out on top. These are the people who defy the odds. These people are my heroes. No fanfare exists to elevate them to fame, and most never make a movie deal or publish a compelling biography. Why? Because they are simply doing what they do best, helping others, sharing and moving on. Living in the past is the last thing they would consider because they embody selflessness. Mrs. Durff works in a PreK through 12 private Christian school as a librarian and jack of all trades. She is taking her students places they never dreamed of going and it’s all virtual. She is honing her skills and planning new ways to engage learners in reading and writing. Her passion for students, preparing them for the new world is a beacon to others.

I met her through the We are both interns working on webcasting skills that will enable us to host streamed real-time conferences for almost no cost. It’s an exciting concept, like live radio, with numerous possibilities for application in educational settings. The key to the is social networking. If you choose to expand your social network, you too will meet people like Mrs. Durff who will inspire you to keep searching for new horizons.

For all the bad press the Internet gets for leading people astray, I am here to tell you that the flip side is even more powerful. I believe that most people are inherently good. My experience has proved this to me. Social networking in your areas of interest or expertise will rekindle your passion for learning. So if you haven’t entered into the conversation by posting on a blog, if you haven’t joined on on-line discussion group on your favorite topic, history, books, knitting, car racing, then you are missing out on connecting with people who will reaffirm your purpose for living. Keep the wonder in your life. Your students/children will feel it.

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