Become an advocate for education.

Much like the health clubs offering excellent incentives to get fit, the Internet offers many educational incentives to improve your brain. The problem is not how to start but where to begin and how to remain focused. Most people are creatures of habit. Do you regularly listen to certain radio shows, TV programs and read certain columns in the paper. Over time you come to trust and accept the content from specific sources for the informational or entertainment value. Remember the buzz surrounding the Drudge Report? It is an alternative news source supplying people with more than just the headlines. Offering discussion, insights, opinions and links, the public became keenly aware of it’s power when Drudge was the first to break the Monica Lewinsky story. This kind of site changes people’s behavior. If you have any interest in news and politics the Drudge Report is your quick reference news source. The web enables us to develop new habits and to become better informed, better consumers and better communicators.

The purpose of this blog is to keep you informed about educational trends. Education, like our government is of the people, by the people, for the people. You drive it with your demands and you fuel it with your taxes. That should be a strong incentive for you to become an educated educational consumer. Whether you are a teacher or a parent your main concern is how provide the very best education for your children. In this time of sweeping changes in educational technology, being well informed will make you a better advocate for your students. Some experts are predicting that proprietary software (the programs that live on your computer’s hard drive, like word) will be history in 5 years and that schools will relay on web based – open source solutions. These solutions are summed up best by the latest educational buzz word, web 2.0. Web 2.0 refers to the vast array of free web based programs available to any web users. It’s truly difficult to imagine how some or all of these goodies might be used to create safe virtual classroom for our kids. The open classroom exists as a concept for now. Can schools adopt this out-of-the-box approach and if so how will they accomplish it? What role will you play? Become an advocate for education.

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