I vote for more Peer Facilitators

Peer FacilitatorIn mid August when the school year was just beginning and students were, to put it kindly, ‘adjusting’ to the structure of school, our wonderful CST (Curriculum Support Specialist) announced that I would be receiving a Peer Facilitator. Josette is very bright, lively and enthusiastic and I just can’t say no to her, so I agreed on the spot and wondered what I had gotten myself into. As it turns out, by placing Tiffany with me, she made my life easier and enriched our classroom tremendously. The Peer Facilitator program is new to me and I believe this is the first year CVES has accepted students from the program.

Each day the students arrives in our classroom just as she would to a regular class in high school. The difference is that she is here to be a facilitator and not simply a student. Throughout the course of the semester she has assisted with math groups, language arts groups, crafts, prep work, and even on-line research. Each Peer Facilitator is assessed by their classroom teacher. As part of the assessment they must prepare and present a lesson during the semester. Tiffany chose to teach a lesson on patters for our math unit. I asked her if she’d like to incorporate the Promethean board and she jumped at the chance. Quickly she discovered flip charts she which would allow for student interaction during the lesson. I asked her to create an outline with estimated times for each part of her lesson. The day came and I added to the stress by telling her I planned to tape the lesson. She demurred and acted as if it didn’t bother her in the least. Episode 9 of small voices.

I am thankful for Tiffany. She has brought joy, leadership and excitement to our classroom. Tiffany has always wanted to become a teacher. Next year she will attend University so in under five years she will be teaching. How will the student teacher relationship change in 5 years? Will virtual classroom replace what we have today? Will global conferencing with other students become the norm? No one can predict these changes but I stand by one prediction. No matter how education changes, Tiffany will be able to change with it, equipping students to welcome the future.


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