Weblogg-ed and loving it!

Backed up by 20 + years as an innovative educator, Will Richardson attempts to contruct a skeletal model of what education might look like if educational technology was the very bone of this vital animal, education . Will is by his own perscription an authentic educational blogger. The key to understanding Will’s perspective is understanding the importance he places on structure. Structure maintains it’s integrity by adhering to standards. Mr. Richardon is keen on maintaining educational blogger integrity. In his mind quality and integrity are an ideal couple. One without the other would be an anachronism. He is well known in academic circles as the ‘blog evangelist’. How does he come to be revered as an expert in this educational medium? It all boils down to personal experience in the classroom, collaboration with other ed tech enthusiasts and a desire to master the subject of blogging.

I recently commented on one of his recent posts. The topic had to do with defining the standards for educational blogging. My retort elicted an email response from Will. At first I thought it must be some kind of automated ‘thank you for posting’ responder. To my surprise I opened the email and was met with a true response. He addressed my key points and thanked me for sharing my views. I think blogging should create a meaningful dialogue. It should stimulate converstation. Check Will Richardson’s blog and see if you are moved to make an impassioned comment on one of his posts. He will welcome the discussion.


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