The EduBlog Awards

The third annual EduBlog Awards were held this morning via EdTech Talk using a combination of Skypecast, Talkshoe and the Webcast Academy Chat room. Only winners and event hosts were allowed to take the mic to offer acceptance speeches. Participants were able to ask questions on the chat board. Sub-conversations surrounded the central chat. In this kind of forum, no one is bothered when you are talking to your neighbor! So what does this have to do with elementary school and how can it help teachers, parents and ultimately students? It offers a window to the future of education. If you find yourself baffled and left out by what you just heard. Don’t give up. This is just one of the many ways educators are meeting across the globe.

Meet Christopher D. Sessums winner of the top honor for Best Individual Blog. His banner reads,”Thoughts on Learning, Teaching and Computing”. His decision to put ‘learning’ first seems to be intentional. He has already posted his response to the award and gives credit to some of his favorite educational bloggers. They are the voices who taught him. These blogs all offer great insights into 21st Century Education. Although it’s simply not possible to read them all in their entirety. If you begin by reading Sessum’s the edification process will commence. Initially you may feel like one of the blind men trying to describe an elephant from only one vantage point. After several weeks of checking back on your favorite blog writers, their personalities will emerge and you’ll be hooked.  A good blogger leaves you wanting more.


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