Spiders or Starfish?

Reading is much easier on the eyes when you are actually holding the book. Here is a, Who Moved My Cheese for 2006.

The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations (Hardcover)
by Ori Brafman, Rod Beckstrom

Two Stanford MBAs ponder the effectiveness of a starfish organization in a spider empire. It seems the starfish are headless and able to regenerate their limbs unlike spiders. The internet’s flat landscape if the perfect habitat for starfish organizations. Among the examples cited in the book are Craig’s list, Napster and the troublesome al-Qauda. What can be learned from the decentralized model of community- supported businesses which answer to no one person? According to the authors the profits decline but they can become self sustaining, crippling competition who hold to the spider model of business in the traditional hierarchical sense. Why is this book significant for educators and business people alike? It offers insight into the power of present-day communications. You just might want to become part of the starfish family in the sea of the internet.

Suggestion: If you read words that hold no meaning for you and you can’t seem to make sense of them from the context clues go to wikipedia and enter the word. 9/10 you will become immersed in the topic and find yourself pursuing other related links. Wikipedia is a starfish organization which means you can contribute to the community of knowledge!


2 Responses to “Spiders or Starfish?”

  1. Vicki Davis Says:

    I’m going to have to pick up this book. I think it shows the increasing importance of training our students to become part of the starfish organizations and the individual responsibility and accountability that they must have so that chaos does not ensue. Lack of education will have dire consequences. Great post!

  2. janjoshi Says:

    It gives you a high sense of morality, power and sense of belonging when collaborating with a starfish organisation. Getting that ‘sweetspot’ between centralisation and decentralisation is key. I guess a good example that the authors could not take advantage of was Obama campaign……I wish the authors would have used that example as well.

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